Next generation meeting booking. Save time. Earn more.

The new generation of bookers prefers online booking over contact forms, phone calls and e-mail. Are you prepared for this? We are.
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The future of meeting and event booking

Enable guests to book meetings and events online

Guests can create their own meeting and event proposals and inquire or book directly on your website.

Without Crowdbook

The booker will call or e-mail you, she must wait for price, availability and proposal. You must clarify details and then prepare and send proposal, knowing that 2/3 of all offers will be lost.

With Crowdbook

The booker builds her own meeting or event on your website, gets a price immediately and can send an enquiry, make an advance reservation or book directly. And the best part is that follow-up happens automatically.
Save time.
Earn more.
Up to
increase in average order size
Up to
reduced time spent on proposals

Hassle-free booking for everyone

Build your own meeting or event offer
Guests can make their own propoasl, choose upgrades, request table settings and much more.
Instant availability and booking
Connect with your PMS or use Crowdbook calendar/allotment to offer guests to see availability and make direct bookings.
Keep customers with price agreements
Tailored prices and offers for your returning customers that they can always use by using unique discount codes. Also works for SKI.
Offer ​​all types of events
Offer booking of several event types such as meetings, conferences, private parties and company events etc.
Optimize earnings with dynamic pricing
We support rate/yield management so you can optimize earnings in low and high seasons.
Automatic follow-up on everything
You no longer have to manually follow up on proporsals, collect food consideration or conduct upselling, the robots will do it for you.
Custom e-mails with your visual identity
It is possible to tailor the communication so that it fits your visual identity and ensure consistency in wording across platforms.
Gain new insight into your customers
Get access to unique data about your customers' behavior and eventually also suggestions on how you can optimize packages and earnings.
More add-ons equals larger orders
Present all your add-ons and upgrade options and use nudging to upsell.

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